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American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Sustainable Design Team Report for Coral Bay

You can read it here: AIA Report



What do you like most about Coral Bay?

This is a word picture or “word cloud” built automatically by a computer application from the responses to this question. The larger the typeface, the more often the word was mentioned in people's open responses. The "word cloud" gives a quick sense of people's responses. More in the report below.


Thanks to the 217 people who participated in the Community Vision Survey in mid-May 2013. The bottom line: “We all agree” on our core values! The full 16 page report on the Survey results can be viewed here: (link) with charts and “word pictures” for downloading.
Lots of interesting info.... Bottom line conclusions:

There is strong consensus – about 90% and above - among the 217 respondents about the core values that should underpin Coral Bay’s vision for the future. See Q 1 and green highlighted statements in Q 6.
Despite a strong desire for little change, people do want to see improvements – such as resolving trash and dumpster issues for a visibly cleaner environment everywhere in Coral Bay, adding a gas station, improving roads, adding recreational facilities and more. However, they do NOT support “growth” to achieve these objectives and other added services.
All 99 year-round residents of Coral Bay who responded – include Environmental Protection in their visions (Q6) - 100%!


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Coral Bay St John VI

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Office location:

The Coral Bay Community Council office is at the Town and Country Building at 8-1 Estate Emmaus, across from the Coral Bay Firestation. CBCC is in the main floor (in the old K2 Video location). Patricia (Tricia) Reed, CBCC's Environmental Projects Manager and Sean Richardson, Environmental Programs Associate, are generally there from from 9-5 weekdays, unless out in the field. Please drop by or call for an appointment with either of them or the Executive Director/President, Sharon Coldren. We have an information library with many resources. The phone number is 340-776-2099.

Membership applications can be printed off of the web site by clicking here or picked up and dropped off at Connections East, which is also the CBCC's mailing address.

Office: 8-1 Estate Emmaus, Coral Bay, St. John, U. S. Virgin Islands
Mailing: 9901 Estate Emmaus, St. John, VI, 00830-9587

Phone 340-776-2099

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