PRESS Release: March 20, 2017

We are pleased to announced CBCC has received two new grants totaling over $140,000 to continue progress on reducing muddy stormwater, called sediment, from reaching the beautiful blue bay. One grant is from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and NOAA, (Press Release 1) and the other is through DPNR from the EPA 319h program (Press Release 2). Details in the links.

Roadside Runoff

Coral Bay Flats runoff

Feb. 7th 2017
“Trash to Art” Competition

The Coral Bay Community Council, Eudora Kean High School, and Gifft Hill School came together to organize a unique art competition. On Thursday, February 2nd, high school students from Eudora Kean and Gifft Hill met at the Resource Depot on St. John to make art from something we have plenty of in the Virgin Islands — Trash. The art competition’s goal was to get the youth in the Virgin Islands to consider the amount of waste created in the territory, what can be done about the issue, and how to start thinking about trash as a resource.

Trash to Art Teams

The two dozen students were separated into 6 teams, given time to organize their ideas, and then from old electronics, scrap metal, plastics, tires, and other assorted waste materials were asked to make sculptures reflective of cultural and environmental aspects here in the Virgin Islands. The groups had 90 minutes to put together their art. The winning sculpture was selected from a panel of judges that included professional boxer/chef Julius Jackson, Alice Krall from VI Waste Management, and artist/co-creator of Dimes and Nickels, Dhymond Nicholls.

The race is on

The winning team was made up of Tyreke Morton and Maeven Parsil from Gifft Hill School and Deiondra Chaldwell and Cheyenne Richardson from Eudora Kean HS, who constructed a mangrove scene from trash.

Scott Eanes from the Coral Bay Community Council had this to say about the competition: “This took the entire St. John community to organize; it is inspiring how everyone came together to give these young adults a unique experience.”

Julius Jackson added “This is great. Wish they had this when I was in school.”

Thanks to the many sponsors of the event: Prizes for the competition were donated from Skinny Legs, Mumbo Jumbo, Jolly Dogs, Indigo Grill, Island Muse, and Dancing Rooster, all businesses in Coral Bay. St. John Hardware in Cruz Bay donated tools and equipment to help the kids construct their statues. Ronnie’s Pizza, also in Cruz Bay, donated several large pizzas to feed the hungry youth. Varlack Ventures and Transportation Services, the ferry companies, helped by giving the Eudora Kean students $2 roundtrip tickets. Island Green Living Association provided the Resource Depot facility. Dr. Dave Minner and his EARTH program including his interns were an integral addition to the logistics of the art competition.

“This was a total team effort by the Virgin Islands community and we are really pleased how this all came together and was executed” said teacher Veronica Pozas of Gifft Hill School, noting she would like to see the art competition to become an annual event and include more schools.

Scott Eanes’ time on this cooperative project with the two high schools was funded by a USDA – Rural Utilities Service Solid Waste Management grant which is intended to provide outreach into the community on reducing waste and increasing reuse and recycling. The Coral Bay Community Council, Eudora Kean, and Gifft Hill School are hoping to make this an annual event.

A Ray made from Trash

For more information contact Scott Eanes of the Coral Bay Community Council at 776-2099.

Jan 3, 2017

PSA video: Youth Involvement to Help Solve Our Solid Waste problems

The Coral Bay Community Council, through a project funded by an EPA Environmental Justice Grant, empowered involved youth in our St. John community to get the word out about illegal dumping and careless disposal of trash into ghuts. Of course, when there are heavy rains that same trash in the ghuts will end up being carried to the ocean. Thus, the message is: “if we keep the land clean, we will keep the ocean clean also.”    Click for Youtube link to Public Service Announcement Video

As part of two youth events held for 12 to 18 year old students which included ghut cleanup walks, presentations and a field trip, a Public Services Announcement (PSA) video was produced to get the message out against ghut dumping and illegal dumping.

CBCC thanks the student participants, the Island Green Living Association, VI Waste Management Authority, Frank Tulloch, videographer, and the Environmental Protection Agency for their contributions to this program.   For more information contact Sean Richardson, Environmental Projects Manager, at CBCC’s office – 340-776-2099.