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Coordinator Volunteer Services Job Posting Extended to July 27th  

Coral Bay Is “Open for Relaxation”

We’re keeping a list of restaurants, businesses, activities and vacation rentals ready for you and your friends to enjoy.  Supporting our businesses is an important way to help us recover fast…read more



St. John Source Coverage of CBCC’s efforts to help children’s programs

Learn more about the 2020 Coral Bay Watershed Management Plan 5-Year Update here!

St. John Source Coverage of the CBCC Watershed Management Project

CBCC and Watershed Consulting Associates held a meeting on Tuesday, June 18th  to share CBCC’s 2019 Watershed Management Plan 5-year Update Project and share concerns about drainage and runoff on your road and in your neighborhood. Click here to read Press Release

CBCC held meetings on April 17 & 22nd to kick off our Community Facilities planning grant.  Click here to read Press Release, and click here to learn how you can participate.

2019 Hurricane Season is approaching…are your road’s stormwater devices ready to handle heavy rains? Check out CBCC’s new residential road stormwater device maintenance guide and other resources.

CBCC Announces CBCC 2019 Agenda : Here are our Goals, Projects and Issues – Solutions gleaned from the concerns people bring to us.  Let’s work together to achieve these goals.




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