CBCC and Coral Bay in the News

“CBCC Brings Christmas Joy to Coral Bay Children”
The St. John Source USVI – December 27, 2020


Drinking Water Testing Articles



CBCC to conduct wastewater treatment system performance/water quality studies in 2020.” 
St. John Source – December 24, 2019
Coral Bay celebrates Bizarre Bazaar.” 
Virgin Islands Daily News – December 16, 2019
CBCC Works With Community to Clean Up Old Hurricane Debris.” 
By: Source Staff – December 5, 2019
19th annual Thankspigging to kick off eventful holiday weekend in Coral Bay.” 
By: Andrea Milam – November 28, 2019
Senate Tells Summers End Developers to Revise their Proposal.” 
By: Amy Roberts – November 4, 2019
“Education seeks input on rebuilding schools.” Photo of CBCC President & Executive Director Sharon Coldren.
By: Andrea Milam – October 18, 2019
CBCC Reports on Assisting Children’s Programs on St. John. Photo of the Dynamic Dancers group led by CBCC board member Pat Richards.
By: Tradewinds Staff – July 8, 2019
“Meeting Focuses on Watershed Protection.”
By: Amy Roberts – June 20, 2019
CBCC and Watershed Consulting Associates held a meeting on Tuesday, June 18th  to share CBCC’s 2019 Watershed Management Plan 5-year Update Project and share concerns about drainage and runoff on your road and in your neighborhood.
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CBCC held meetings on April 17 & 22nd to kick off our Community Facilities planning grant.  Click here to read Press Release
Open Forum: Hurricane Wreckage Still Not Cleaned Up
By: Coral Bay Community Council, March 7, 2019
“Navy Headed to St. John to Remove Wrecked Boats from Park Waters” and more from the July St. John Long Term Recovery Team Meeting
By: Amy Roberts – July 29, 2018
Coral Bay Survey Finds Two Thirds of Respondents Feel Unprepared for 2018 Storm Season
By: David Knight, Jr. – June 19, 2018
Dynamic Dancers Represent V.I. in Stateside Recital
St. John Source, June 19, 2018
Featuring CBCC Board Member Pat Richards
A Virgin Islands National Park Struggles To Recover From Hurricanes
by NPR – Greg Allen – Weekend Edition – Saturday, June 2, 2018
Virgin Islands Still Recovering From 2017 Hurricanes As New Season Begins
by NPR – Greg Allen – All Things Considered – Saturday, June 2, 2018
Coral Bay Yacht Club Contest Awards 11 Scholarships Totaling $5,000
St. John Source, May 31, 2018
Islands Adrift: Trump politics hinder USVI climate change prep
by Freeman Rogers, April 29, 2018
Islands Adrift: As climate warms, Caribbean ill-prepared
by Freeman Rogers, Omaya Sosa Pascual and Emmanuel Estrada López, April 20, 2018
An Open Letter To Governor Mapp, viNGN And All Communication Carriers And ISPs
by: Sharon Coldren, April 17, 2018
An Update on Coral Bay
by: News of St. John, January 30, 2018
Landfill catches fire, smoke lingers for days
By: Amanda Ulrich, January 26, 2018
St. John Celebrates Restoration of Power
by Amy Roberts, December 14, 2017
Bizarre Bazaar, Award, Post-Hurricane
“CBCC Brings Christmas Joy to Coral Bay Children”

St. John Source – December 27, 2020