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Coral Bay Community Council

Please become a Member and support our programs, and stay in the know about Coral Bay issues and events.

Persons eligible to be Voting Members are bona fide residents or landowners in Coral Bay and East End Quarters, St. John.

Anyone is eligible to be a Supporting Member.

Dues are $50.00 per individual to help support our programs. However your membership is what is most important to CBCC, if you can only afford a smaller dues amount, that’s Ok.  We ask that those who can afford larger donations, do that too.   Dues and Donations to the Coral Bay Community Council, a  501(c)(3) organization,  are charitable deductions under US Tax law.


You can use the Donate button below or
open and print the donation form and send with your check to:

Coral Bay Community Council
9901 Emmaus
St. John, VI, 00830-9587

You can really help the community by making a generous dollar donation to CBCC. Fundraising takes valuable volunteer time — Help us spend more time on the issues.
We need general support dollars and money to support our Coral Bay planning efforts. CBCC is a 501c3 charitable organization. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

If you are considering a major donation, board members and volunteers would be happy to talk with you personally. Call or stop by the office for an appointment.

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