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The Community Facilities Planning Project 

Thank you for attending CBCC’s Annual Potluck on November 4th at Miss Lucy’s to hear about the concept ideas we’ve received!

Where can the residents of St. John (of all ages) go to meet, learn, play, obtain government services or take shelter in Coral Bay?

The destruction of the 2017 hurricanes Irma & Maria left the community of Coral Bay without any of its public meeting spaces and hurricane shelters, so currently there are no permanent structures to hold such activities or services.
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So, what are we going to do about it?

CBCC is undertaking the process of identifying, planning and designing multi-use community facilities in Coral Bay, St. John, in the best integrated and efficient manner for our small remote community. With the support and input of the community, CBCC will be building upon previous community planning reports and visioning in order to develop 3 to 5 concepts for multi-use community facilities, two of which will be taken to the preliminary design and permitting stage. Although the physical structures designed in this grant-funded project will be located in Coral Bay, the facilities can serve the entire island of St. John. The actual new community facilities may be owned and run by the VI government or by other nonprofit organizations or by CBCC.

Under this project funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Facilities Training and Technical Assistance (TAT) grant program, CBCC will be completing the following tasks using guidance from the USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Infrastructure Toolkit and the Community Places Community Planning Toolkits.

CBCC is taking the first key step of the planning process – listening to people’s ideas about the types of services and multi-use facilities that will improve the quality of life for St. John residents and discussing how these concepts could work. Many great ideas have been shared since CBCC held the first three meetings in April and May.

Do you have good ideas for community facilities, based on any of the icons here?

CBCC is also reaching out to a number of government agencies and other nonprofits to ask for their participation in this overall project, and looks forward to active partnerships being developed.

This initial phase of the Community Facilities Planning Project will result in 3 to 5 concepts that will be further discussed with the community in the next few months, and include developing feasible operations and management models. Key model criteria are: multi-purpose use, good management, effective local control and fiscal responsibility, while achieving success in delivering the facility’s service objectives. The planning process will also identify the preferred location and owners of the proposed facilities. (The concepts not chosen for design phase of this grant can still be assisted in getting to next steps of concept development, collaboration and fundraising.)

In the next phase, preliminary designs and permit application studies will be prepared for two of these concepts. The design process will involve local professionals, such as planners, architects, engineers, lawyers, surveyors, archaeologists and biologists. At least two Preliminary Assessment Reports (PAR) will be presented to the community for support and feedback. These PARs will be a part of grant applications for capital funding.

Throughout this project, CBCC will be researching grant opportunities and assisting in submitting applications for capital funding to develop the facilities on behalf of the future operator of each facility.

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