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What do you like most about Coral Bay?


This is a word picture or “word cloud” built automatically by a computer application from the responses to this question. The larger the typeface, the more often the word was mentioned in people’s open responses. The “word cloud” gives a quick sense of people’s responses.

Thanks to the 217 people who participated in the Community Vision Survey in mid-May 2013. The bottom line: “We all agree” on our core values! The full 16 page report on the Survey results can be downloaded below with intriguing charts and “word pictures”.

Bottom line conclusions:

  • There is strong consensus – about 90% and above – among the 217 respondents about the core values that should underpin Coral Bay’s vision for the future. See Q 1 and green highlighted statements in Q 6.
  • Despite a strong desire for little change, people do want to see improvements – such as resolving trash and dumpster issues for a visibly cleaner environment everywhere in Coral Bay, adding a gas station, improving roads, adding recreational facilities and more. However, they do NOT support “growth” to achieve these objectives and other added services.
  • All 99 year-round residents of Coral Bay who responded – include Environmental Protection in their visions (Q6) – 100%!

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