Property Owners – If you had any damage from Hurricanes Irma and Maria – Please read and do this, since it may cause the tax assessor to reduce the value of your buildings for the upcoming property tax bill cycle.



From Press Release February 16, 2018

Lieutenant Governor Osbert E. Potter is requesting all real property owners to complete the “Request for Post Hurricane Irma & Maria Information” form for consideration of the 2018 property taxes. The form is intended to obtain information from real property owners about substantial damages sustained to their property as a result of Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Maria.

“The information received from property owners will assist the Office of the Tax Assessor in its determination of any changes in assessed value, based on the condition of the property from the impact of the storms.” stated Lieutenant Governor Potter.

The form is available for download here or on the Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s website at, or by calling the Office of the Tax Assessor at 340-774-2991 in St. Thomas, or 340-773-6449 in St. Croix. Property owners are asked to provide dated pictures and other supporting documents with the forms.   (NO ST. JOHN OFFICE right now)

Completed forms and supporting documentations must be submitted to the Office of the Tax Assessor in person, or via email to  by March 28, 2018.