Meeting and Class Space available for you: The Ag Center’s beautiful second floor outdoor room that was completely refurbished by CBCC and American Legion volunteers is available for use for classes and meetings. Do you have something you want to share with the community? All you need to do is reserve your time! Call volunteer Nancy Stromp to do this. She keeps the schedule. 340-775-0533

The Guy H. Benjamin Community Center

The Guy H. Benjamin Community is begin reborn out of the closed elementary School. Partnerships in Hope is the lead nonprofit managing this transition, in partnership with the Department of Education. CBCC is willing to help in any way we can and has offered volunteer services.  St. John School of the Arts holds afterschool classes for children and there is a room available for  community meetings.  More soon.  Contact Partnerships in Hope to use the building or if you have ideas for nonprofit uses of parts of the campus.