Land Use Planning and Advocacy Positions

Our Approach

CBCC works to provide an effective means for residents of Coral Bay to participate in planning the future of Coral Bay development, by providing education and information on planning processes, and a forum for government, citizens, and developers to discuss plans.

The agenda focuses on land and water use planning, infrastructure, development and environmental issues, youth development and other issues of community concern. The Council seeks community consensus on the future of Coral Bay.

CBCC is dedicated to:

  1. assisting people in getting involved in planning the future of Coral Bay;
  2. providing educational materials, professional opinions, and community input on all sides of issues; and
  3. facilitating meetings where issues can be respectfully and rationally discussed.

CBCC’s Board firmly believes–and we think most of our members would agree– that actual planning of land use and infrastructure based on open discussion and transparency, with ample opportunity for early community visioning and feedback, has the greatest chance of leading to a Coral Bay community in which both people and nature can thrive sustainably over next decades.

While the CBCC Board does take positions on many issues, and always expresses environmental concerns, our first priority is to establish an objective framework of facts and planning information, history, analysis, and education. This provides an appropriate basis for developers, government agencies, and the public to discuss issues and make informed choices.

CBCC provides forums that allow everyone to have their say — in a respectful way to all concerned. We firmly believe this is the best method to achieve a “win-win” for everyone’s future.

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