Rezoning Applications in Coral Bay 

Postponed Hearing – Rescheduled for December 28th – Monday – Agenda here – does not include Bordeaux property, Just ACC.  (updated Dec 24th)

CBCC Hearing Comments – Please read the complete comment – there are many details to be examined fully by professionals before the ACC will want to move ahead with the project. 

– December 28th, 2020 – the VI Legislature  Committee of the Whole will  meet to hear testimony on a number of rezoning proposals on all 3 islands. The Animal Care Center at 14 Rem Carolina and the 8-Y Carolina commercial project will be included.  People can testify by emailing person at end of notice.  Legal Notice of Hearing   You can watch on the USVI Facebook page.  The senate will not vote that day, and people can also send letters to Senators before — to be read into the testimony and afterwards before the Senators vote at another session, possibly on December 30th.   See the DPNR reports of the previous public hearing and their recommendations, below.    First see revised drawings sent by the applicant of the restaurant and that change the parking and traffic flow configuration.  Coral Reef Ridge 3D Concept Civil-Architectural Site Plan, Revised Facilities Layouts, Rev. 0, 11.03.2020   and Coral Reef Ridge 3D Concept Renderings, Revised Facilities Layouts, Rev. 0, 11.03.2020

DPNR Reports with Recommendations to the Senate ( results from past hearing)

DPNR REPORT 8-Y Carolina 

For the ACC Project on Monday, December 28th: 

DPNR REPORT – 14 Rem. Carolina





PAST HEARING ANNOUNCEMENT:   Two Coral Bay Rezoning applications were scheduled for a DPNR public hearing on St. John earlier this year.  Due to Covid19, they were postponed, and were held as  virtual Teams meetings on   Tuesday, Sept 29 and  Friday October 2.  See full notice and times here:

Deadline for Email comments is October11th for 8-Y Carolina –by sending an email to with the subject line “Application (Number) comments”, and October 14 for ACC  14 Rem. Carolina comments. 

No information has been added post hearing, however these are news articles on the hearings:  and

  1. Application No. ZAJ-20-5: The Animal Care Center of St. John is requesting rezoning from R-2 to B-2 (Business Secondary/Neighborhood) to accommodate an animal care shelter on 14 Rem. Carolina  (property upland of Pickles).  ACC rezoning app basics    

2. Application No. ZAJ-20-4: Johnson VI Holdings, is requesting rezoning from R-1 to B-2 for a Bar & Grill, 4 shops and 2 vacation rental units on .37 acres at 8-Y Carolina.  This is at the corner across from Chateau Bordeaux where Colorful Corners used to be. 8-Y Carolina Rezoning Application basics A   You can submit written comments until October 11th to the email above and please copy CBCC.

CBCC will be reviewing both applications for conformance with our VI laws and adherence to good planning principles. 

Learn more about CBCC’s mission Click Here and land use advocacy: Click Here.

The rezoning process is an opportunity for you to say what you like and don’t like about a proposed new land use.  You may also email your thoughts to DPNR at address above. 

After this public hearing, DPNR forwards its review and the results of the hearing to the VI Senate, which will then hold another hearing and vote whether to approve the rezoning. 

More information will be posted as available, including any things the developers want to share.  We encourage people to email your thoughts to CBCC too, for inclusion in the review.