Landscaping for Erosion Control

Sediment Reduction Education

Sediment Reduction Education and Outreach in Coral Bay- NOAA Grant

Keep vegetation at least 4″ high to trap sediment, promote infiltration and reduce stormwater runoff. Download full-size fliers in English and Spanish.


Under this NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program grant project, CBCC is conducting a variety of education and outreach activities that focus on ways individual community members can help continue sediment reduction efforts in Coral Bay that were started in 2009 and continue. While this project occurs within Coral Bay, the outreach activities used in this project are designed to be replicable and applicable throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands and elsewhere. All these outcomes are important to coral reef and other marine life health because they tackle land-based sources of pollution that can harm reefs and marine wildlife. Project activities include:

1) Best Management Practice (BMP) recommendations to landowners, homeowners associations, and other groups in Coral Bay to further continuous and ongoing implementation of stormwater management now and in future years.

2) Development of a local vegetation landscaping manual to help homeowners with erosion control. Click HERE to download the published book : 13 MB.  You can pick up a free printed copy at our office, as long as supplies last.

3) Provide outreach to homeowners and contractors on the new Virgin Islands stormwater standards and updated Environmental Protection Handbook.

Want to landscape and survive a drought – here is a USDA Puerto Rico climate video for small farmers – with english subtitles – that has some really useful info for us – benefits of compost, mulch, lemongrass, pigeon peas, vetevier grass, terracing and more. After this video — see the landscaping guide on our CBCC website for detailed info:

4) Continue existing stormwater turbidity monitoring efforts. CBCC expects to provide several avenues of education and outreach that should lead to a reduction in sedimentation in Coral Bay.

This project will also provide a more detailed knowledge of appropriate stormwater management techniques for U. S. Virgin Islands government agencies and Coral Bay landowners to implement. The grant is $58,110 in federal funds and $30,621 in matching in-kind funds and community volunteer work – for a total of $89,000 in efforts.