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CBCC has been working hard, both through post storm projects and immediate volunteer clean up efforts to restore our precious green environment. Read more about helping the mangroves to recover: //

Want to lead a volunteer team to clean debris out of the mangroves. Contact CBCC with your preferred date and time, area, and number of people – and we will help you.

Read here about CBCC’s analytic efforts post-storm. Hurricane Recovery & Stormwater Management – CBCC’s Post-Hurricane Residential Road Assessment

WETLANDS RESTORATION: CBCC volunteers and a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Five Star grant in 2012 restored 1 ½ acres of wetlands and created a small corner park in the heart of Coral Bay, for the appreciation of nature. LINK
CBCC and community volunteers continue the maintenance of this area for our partner/landowner, the VI Department of Agriculture.

NOAA MARINE DEBRIS REMOVAL GRANT: After the hurricanes DPNR received a large grant from NOAA to remove residdual hurricane related marine debris throughout the islands.  This included a vessel removal contract in 2021 in Coral Harbor and grant to CBCC to to work with volunteers and local boaters to remove remaining shoreline and underwater debris, including metal roof pieces and bicycles! 

In 2014-15, CBCC received $90,000 in grant funds from the NOAA Marine Debris Program and NOAA Restoration Center for a significant marine debris removal project in Coral Bay, St. John. The project is focused on removing derelict vessels in Coral Harbor and cleaning up marine debris along shorelines, in mangroves and in the boat mooring areas. CBCC has committed to providing in-kind services and funds for a total project value of nearly $140,000. CBCC is undertaking volunteer clean-up efforts at selected shoreline and mangrove area locations in cooperation with Coral Bay Yacht Club members, the Kids and the Sea program (KATS), and the John’s Folly Learning Institute. The Friends of the VI National Park is also contributing the value of their annual International Coast Weeks all-island volunteer cleanup to this effort – acknowledging the importance of this derelict vessel removal project for St. John. Link

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