Diverting Roadside Run-off to Raingarden

Diverting Roadside Run-off into Raingarden

CBCC managed a project to divert the roadside runoff along Kings Hill Road, Route 20, into a raingarden setting in a corner park that drains into a wetland. This will serve two important stormwater management purposes. The first purpose is to stop flows of sediment and petrochemicals-laden stormwater runoff from entering the mangrove shoreline and marine nursery of Coral Bay during routine small rainfalls. The second purpose is to deliver the water to a raingarden area with outflows into the nearby wetlands, which will allow natural processes in the soil to remove and treat the above contaminants. The project was paid for by a grant from VI DPNR CZM, which was actually from NOAA federal funds for these purposes.