Helping the Environment Recover from Hurricane Damage

It’s readily apparent that the shoreline Mangroves in Coral Bay and our wetlands park area were terribly damaged by the hurricanes Irma and Maria. But they will come back, with time and our help. First thing is to safely remove debris, and not cause more damage. How?

CBCC had an expert, Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting, conduct an assessment of mangroves in January and provide recommendations are their restoration and safe removal of debris. Thank you to the Friends of the VI National Park for providing a grant to fund this project. The report is here: Coral Bay Mangroves Report_3 8 2018 . Want to volunteer to clean up some mangroves here in Coral Bay – or in other Virgin Islands Locations? Here are some tips on how to do that safely – for your team and the mangroves: CBCC HANDOUT Mangrove Debris Volunteers 2 28 18

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