The Coral Bay Watershed
Management Project – Approach to Stormwater Runoff Management

For more than a decade, CBCC has demonstrated its ability to be an effective watershed management agency. CBCC is both a planning and implementation-oriented advocate for environmental protection balanced with economic growth within the community vision in Coral Bay. CBCC does this through partnerships with Virgin Islands government agencies, federal agencies and local businesses and individual volunteers.


To increase public awareness, a brochure insert has been created with watershed information and suggestions for Coral Bay development. Here it is in .pdf form: Coral Bay Watershed Info

Storm water runoff – Coral Bay’s worst Problem
Photos taken by CBCC members.

Watershed RunoffWatershed Runoff in Coral Bay\

Sedimentation research is being conducted in Coral Bay and other St. John bays led by Dr. Sarah Gray of the University of San Diego. Here are links to two reports on the research:
ICRS sediment poster and GrayNOAAreport.pdf.