All the contestants from Gifft Hill School & Ivanna Eudora Kean, chaperones, and judges for the Trash 2 Art competition-February 2, 2017

In February of 2017, students and staff from Gifft Hill School, Eudora Kean High School, the Coral Bay Community Council, VIWMA, Gifft Hill School’s Earth Program, Dhymond Nicholls (from Dimes and Nickels) and Julius Jackson (VI professional boxer & chef) came together to make art out of something the Virgin Islands has too much of…TRASH.

The students met at the Sussannaberg Transfer Station on St. John where they were broken into mixed teams and given an allotted time to take trash and make art, but not just any art, art that reflected the Virgin Islands. Once the art was finished, three judges, Alice Krall from VI Waste Management Authority, Dhymond Nicholls from the local clothing brand Dimes & Nickels, and VI professional fighter and chef Julius Jackson walked around and scored the creations while a student from each group explained their group’s art.

The story made the Channel 2 News:

The students constructed several pieces that went on display after the competition at Park on St. John and Latte’s in Paradise on St. Thomas. Below are just a few great pieces of art made by the students.

A ray made from an old steering wheel, bicycle tire, scrap metal, and vinyl records.

Our beautiful VI eagle made from a ceiling fan and a variety of trash items.

A crab made from an old children’s car, a ceiling fan, two light fixtures, and random scrap metal.

A whale made from a lawn chair, an umbrella, a car seat back, and a car bumper.

An underwater scene brought to you by a consortium of trash.

and finally, the winning piece, a mangrove scene made completely from waste at the Sussannaberg Transfer Station, St. John.