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Composting is the act of taking organic material (food waste and yard waste) and turning it into useable soil.

It is a real and active way the community of Coral Bay can reduce the amount of organic material in the waste stream. Organic material, mostly food waste and yard trimmings can account for as much as 40% of the waste stream. This waste stream can be greatly reduced if individuals in Coral Bay composted to our full potential.

So instead of throwing something away that may then rot in a plastic bag and end up in the Bovoni Landfill, it ends up naturally disposed of, in a much healthier, more beneficial way for our island.

But wait, how much of our “trash” could be composted? 30%!

Yes, did you know that up to 30% of our waste stream is organics that can be composted?
But wait, it gets BETTER!

Equally, 30% of the Waste Stream is paper products (including cardboard) that can be your source of Carbon for your composting!

This means WE have the power to control 60% of our waste stream from ever making it to the landfill!
And the Coral Bay Community Council is lucky enough to have a horticulture composting expert from Iowa State University, Dr. Dave Minner, just up the road (don’t trust us? He can tell you himself). In fact, he can tell you the beauty and benefits of composting, what it is, how easy it is to compost, and why we should be composting. His Earth Program, at Gifft Hill School, has transformed once barren land into an extraordinary garden producing fruits and vegetables being used in the GHS lunch program and being sold at the farmer’s market. We realize that Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria means the GHS Earth Program gardens will have to be rebuilt, but fear not, Dr. Dave is unstoppable!
Through 2017, two home composting seminars were held in Coral Bay, one at Skipper’s (now Thirsty Donkey) and the other at Indigo Grill. These seminars gave Coral Bay residents an opportunity to ask an expert any thing and every thing related to home composting.
For those of you that wanted to attend our “compost nights”, but just couldn’t seem to make it, we got you covered with all the composting documents so you can start composting ASAP or improve your current composting skills!

  1. Coral Bay Community Council Composting Manual
  2. Composting Informational Handout
  3. Coral Bay Community Council Motivational Poster

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