Neighborhood Stormwater Management Projects

StormWater Management

CBCC completed work in the Freeman’s Ground neighborhood in November 2018 and Gerda Marsh neighborhood in May 2019.

CBCC completed work in the neighborhoods of Johnny Horn Trail, Eden, and Spring Garden Flats in 2020 during the pandemic. 

Click here to view Stormwater Management Tips, including plantings to reduce concrete road undermining, and proper installation of silt fences.

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Reducing Stormwater Runoff on Local Roads

Since 2012, CBCC has received grants from NFWF, NOAA, and EPA/DPNR for stormwater mitigation. The goal of these projects is to reduce sediment and pollutants reaching the bay to protect our marine habitats. We do this by installing stormwater BMPs (best management practices) on local roads and performing public education and outreach.

We begin by working with property owners to identify priority project areas. Each project starts with an engineering analysis to determine the type and locations of BMPs. The grants cover engineering, plans and permits from DPNR. Construction is mostly paid for by property owner contributions. These projects depend on cooperation with neighborhoods, VI Dept. of Public Works and DPNR. We also rely on in kind contributions–donations of time, money, goods and services–to make these projects possible.

Image: Muddy plume in Coral Harbor Nov. 2018

Download the PowerPoint Presentation made to the public in Coral Bay in December 2018:

Reducing Runoff on Local Roads Presentation – Dec. 2018
Reducing Runoff on Local Roads Presentation Dec. 2018 – With Notes
Completed retaining wall repair to undermined road due to hurricane washout

Recent Completed Projects

Gerda Marsh Road Switchback – completed June 2019

Freeman’s Ground Road Project – Phase I – completed November 2018

Past Projects

Gerda Marsh Road Project

Calabash Boom Road project

Consulting & Engineering recommendations to other neighborhoods and to guide possible future projects: Johnny Horn Trail, Flannigan’s Passage, Harold’s Way (upper area) and recommendations to other neighborhoods on setting up road owners association to do the needed work on private and public roads.

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