Stormwater Management Tips

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Professionals – Need some more technical references for Stormwater Management in the U.S Virgin Islands and other tropical islands? Check out these recommended guidebooks and manuals that were complied during the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program grant project, Sediment Reduction Education and Outreach in Coral Bay. Click on the images for the downloadable full reports and for the location to purchase the textbook: Designing and Reviewing Effective Sediment and Erosion Control Plans.

Silt Fence Installation Tips

A silt fence is a temporary stormwater BMP (Best Management Practice) that controls erosion by allowing runoff water to gather, soak into the ground or evaporate, while sediment sinks. Silt fences are required for construction projects, and improper silt fencing is a code violation. They are relatively simple to construct with geotextile fabric and steel rebar posts. They are only effective when installed properly.
More details can be found in the 2002 VI Environmental Protection Handbook pages 3-22 to 3-23 – see link in list of resources above.

View the Silt Fencing Installation Methods presentation by Joe Mina, PE. He created this presentation specifically for the USVI under an EPA-CARE grant to CBCC.

Silt Fencing Installation Methods Presentation
Video: “How to Install a Silt Fence” from the NC Forestry Service. Note that wood posts are used in this video. In the USVI, steel rebar posts are preferred, and required for slopes greater than 20% grade.

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