CBCC President Sharon Coldren with Coral Bay residents Leo and Erin, who completed the post-hurricane road assessments and report.


Hurricane Recovery:

Hurricanes Irma and Maria highlighted the challenges and some of the needed and effective solutions for “critical access” roadways – both public and private.

CBCC commissioned a report to get a snapshot of some of the post-storm drainage and road conditions in Coral Bay. The draft is available for download here:

Draft Residential Road Assessment 01.24.18

We intend to add additional information, photos, and roads/neighborhoods as soon as feasible. The conditions shown in the report are as of mid-December. Many of these neighborhoods took steps after the storms to grade the roads for current safe access, which is not reflected in the report. The report will serve as useful baseline for some of our discussions about both critical access and mitigation efforts with local and federal recovery groups and agencies.  We welcome thoughts on how to improve the report and information, so it is actionable in the near term.

We are also concerned about drainage conditions, lack of retaining walls,  landslides and more on the main public roads on St. John Route 10, 107, 108, 20 and their interaction with drainage – from “Ridge to Reef.”


Harold's Way

Harold’s Way Road 9/24/17. Photo courtesy of J. Conrad.


Harold’s Way Road 10/28/17. Photo courtesy of J. Conrad.


Neighborhood Projects 2015-2016-2017

Swale and Raingarden on Kings Hill Road into Wetlands area


Education and Tips:

Stormwater Management Tips

Landscaping for Erosion Control Manual



Stormwater Management Concerns

$2 Million NOAA ARRA projects 2009-2011

 Local Restoration Actions to Improve Water Quality to protect Coral Reef Habitats from the Destructive Byproducts of Development

Johnny Horn Trail road section post-storm