CZM – Coastal Zone Management

CZM Coastal Zone Management Permitting

DPNR – VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources operates the CZM – Coastal Zone Management Program – which encompasses development permitting for most, but not all, of the shoreline land and land up to 200 feet in elevation and sometimes higher up the hills in the US Virgin Islands. Land under CZM laws is referred to as Tier 1. The map defining the boundaries of Tier 1 was made law in 1979, for the purpose of better controlling potential environmental damage and development that was not in the public interest along our coasts by increasing the public’s participation in the permitting process and adding various environmental and cultural studies to the permitting process. Given our increased understanding that stormwater runoff and other development side effects matter to our ocean health from “Ridge to Reef”, and other anomalies in the boundaries viewed 40 years later , there is public discussion about the possibility of seeking legislation to make all of St. John Tier 1. A detailed map of Tier 1 can be found on the DPNR CZM PERMITTING page link below. (To be added: description of Tier 1 permitting differences)

The CZM program also regulates the permitting of Submerged Lands – our ocean waters that are owned by the people of the Virgin Islands.

CZM Coastal Zone Management Laws:
CZM goals: Sec 903 (click here)
1st Tier Specific Policies: Sec 906 (click here)

Here is the link to the detailed CZM LAW & regulations for how the program is run. The documents are set up to be searchable by keyword.



This page includes a map of where Tier 1 is located on each island. It also includes various forms if you need to use them.

Projects under current consideration of community interest:

CBCC Testimony on Summers End St. John Marina October 28 2019

VI Legislature Proposed Modifications of CZM LAW: As of 2/2/2020: VICZMA- Coastal-Zone-Management-cumulative-amendments-markup

CBCC Testimony CZM LAW CHANGES 11 6 19

Please click below for the detailed documents, as CBCC has received them. Please advise CBCC of updates, so we can load them.

Maho Crosswoods Minor Permit Application documents

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