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What weather is headed this way?
Check current weather condition at our neighboring islands to the east:
Rain on Radar: National Weather Service (long range) – make it “loop” to see direction of weather flow
See whole Eastern Caribbean so you know what is real: //
Saharan Air Layer: //
Weather links for tropical storms and severe weather:

AIR QUALITY: CBCC has an air quality monitor 24 hours a day:  // .  Note the location of Pockwood Pond landfill and incinerator site on Tortola – just to the east of us.  Also check out our air compared to cities all over the world, by moving around the world map.

VI Legislature:  Listen to VI Senate hearings and sessions on the web:

VI LAWS: Here is a searchable version of the complete VI Code //

Want to see Virgin Islands official Regulations? The CBCC keeps a copy of these books in our office. Call for an appointment to view the regulations.

Lt. Governor’s Office site for deeds, property taxes and maps and more: //

Search VI Property Tax records and Pay your Bill here:
Scroll down to “parcel search” to locate other parcels/owners.

Virgin Islands Newspapers:


The Office of the Virgin Islands Inspector General to report waste and fraud by governmental officials, and learn things:

Get the latest economic development statistics for the Virgin Islands here:

The Virgin Islands Public Library system now has resources available
on-line. //

St. John History: //

CZM Coastal Zone Management Laws:
CZM goals: Sec 903 (click here)
1st Tier Specific Policies: Sec 906 (click here)