The Coral Bay Watershed Management Project

Learn more about the 2020 Coral Bay Watershed Management Plan 5-Year Update here!

The illustrations below are available as a PDF here: CBCC NOAA Watershed Bookmark. Stop by our office for a free bookmark copy.


For more than a decade, CBCC has demonstrated its ability to be an effective watershed management agency. CBCC is both a planning and implementation-oriented advocate for environmental protection balanced with economic growth within the community vision in Coral Bay. CBCC does this through partnerships with Virgin Islands government agencies, federal agencies and local businesses and individual volunteers. Why is the watershed management Approach valuable? Check out these benefits: (link)



Here are the Coral Bay Watershed Management Plans:

Since 2008, CBCC has received over fourteen grants from federal agencies (EPA, NOAA, USDA, DOI), foundations, professional associations, and local agencies, almost all directly related to various components of effective watershed management planning and restoration implementation. CBCC has been regularly recognized by federal agencies for its work and that of its many community volunteers and supporters.

EPA Visit - Watershed Management

EPA visit in March 2015
to review progress on Protecting the Coral Bay Watershed:
(Right to left: Judith Enck, Region 2 Administrator, EPA, Sharon Coldren, CBCC President, and Jose C. Font, Director of EPA’s Caribbean office

CBCC is continuing with numerous projects under the Coral Bay Watershed Management Project umbrella. Most of the projects since 2012 have been planning elements within the scope of describing and implementing the overall watershed management plan for Coral Bay.

NOAA and EPA have provided grants since 2008 to fund a number of CBCC Watershed Management projects: see EPA – CARE Project  and NOAA-ARRA Project.

Coral Bay Vision for the Future

Watershed Management Plan:
In 2013 and 2014, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Coral Reef Conservation Fund provided funding, along with matching support from the community to produce several elements of the EPA Watershed Plan process for 2014, an update from the 2008 plan. The plan document focused on Turbidity and Floatable Debris in the bay. Main report: link and Complete report with all appendices: link

CBCC sought and received grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Utilities Service program for solid waste and wastewater and water supply planning. These projects fill in two more elements of the planning needs circle diagram in our project’s core plan.
Water Resources and Wastewater Treating Planning
Coral Bay Solid Waste Management Planning

RESTORATION PROJECTS including stormwater management improvements, wetlands restoration, and marine debris removal.

To increase public awareness, a brochure insert has been created with watershed information and suggestions for Coral Bay development. Here it is in .pdf form: Coral Bay Watershed Info

Sedimentation research is being conducted in Coral Bay and other St. John bays led by Dr. Sarah Gray of the University of San Diego. Here are links to two reports on the research: ICRS sediment poster and GrayNOAAreport.pdf.

Storm water runoff – Coral Bay’s worst Problem
Photos taken by CBCC members.

Watershed Runoff
Watershed Runoff in Coral Bay